Asunto Oy Keravan Herttakello


Eco-friendly and inviting homes in Kerava’s housing fair area

Asunto Oy Keravan Herttakello will be built in the beautiful area of Keravan kartano for the Asuntomessut 2024 housing fair. It will comprise seven detached homes and eight sets of semi-detached homes in an eco-friendly and inviting housing fair site. The indoor air in the homes is fresh and easy to breathe, guaranteed by the Kastelli Green™ wood fibre structure. The naturally breathable structure is the result of Kastelli’s fine product development work. It has a low carbon footprint and is an excellent choice for families with allergies. The breathable wood fibre structure naturally keeps the moisture in the indoor air at an optimal level all year round.

Eco-friendly choices can also be found in the site’s other design solutions. Solar panels on the properties’ roofs produce electricity, and the environmentally friendly green roofs on the carports add greenery to the yard. The homes are fully heated with renewable district heating. All of the two-storey homes have underfloor heating, saunas, terraces, and their own storage spaces.

The Keravan kartano area is turning into a fantastic combination of deep-rooted history, community, and new, ambitious construction. As Oy Keravan Herttakello has an excellent location. It is just 250 metres to Keravanjoki river and Keravan Kivisilta bridge, and the train station is 1.2 kilometres away. The area’s walking and cycle paths are excellent, as are the public transport connections and services. These homes are excellent for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors as green spaces and water make up more than half of the neighbourhood’s surface area.

Asunto Oy Keravan Herttakello was designed by SAFA architect Janne Jylkäs.

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Advance marketing estimated to begin in autumn 2022

Sales estimated to begin in early 2023

Construction estimated to begin in early 2023

Ready for occupants after the Asuntomessut 2024 housing fair in September

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Address: Jakarandakatu
Homes: 15
Sizes: 77–114 m2
Plot: Leased

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