As the name suggests, it’s easy to buy an Easyin home!

Buying your own home is one of life’s biggest investments. Thinking of our dream home puts a smile on our faces and gets our imagination whirring into gear, and it’s not even unusual to get butterflies. Even if you don’t have any experience buying a new home, don’t worry! You can trust our expertise and professional skills to help you make life’s biggest investment. Enjoy feeling inspired and brainstorming for your new home and leave the rest to us.

At Easyin, we’re familiar with all of the questions, hopes and concerns that surround buying a new home. Our experienced and professional team has everything from architects to property agents, and from site foreman to interior designer, and they all know the buying process like the backs of their hands. That’s why we’ve made the journey to the home of your dreams a simple and accessible one. We want to be inspired with you when you choose the style and material for your new home – and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying morning coffee in your dream kitchen!

The road to an Easyin home is simple and easy


First, check out your financing options.

When you’re planning to buy a new home, you should first find out what options you have for financing well in advance. Figuring this out in advance puts you in good stead on the path to your new home. Contact your bank to apply for a mortgage. In addition to your own bank, you can also find out more about loans from S-Pankki, which begins to process our customers’ applications within 48 hours.


Check out our sites and reserve a property.

You can easily reserve a property directly on our site webpages. Once you’ve reserved a property, our seller will contact you. If the property you’re interested in has already been reserved, you can join a queue for it. If an earlier reservation is cancelled, we will offer the property to the first person in the queue.

A reservation agreement on a property that is in the advance marketing phase is valid until the sale begins and deeds can be signed. A property that is for sale can be reserved for a few days to get practical matters in order and to consider the final purchasing decision. You can also view the ready-to-buy property in person and then make your decision. You can always get in touch with us by phone, email, or visiting our office.


Complete the purchase.

Once you’ve found your dream home, we will go through all of the sale documents and other practical matters with you, from warranties to insurance. When it’s time to sign the deeds, you can choose to sign digitally, if you prefer.

Once 25% of a site’s properties have been sold, we will organize a share buyers’ meeting. You will receive an invite to the meeting, which will be held remotely or at our office. The meeting will decide on the inspectors for the construction work and on an auditor to represent the buyers during construction. It will also be the first opportunity for you to get to know your future neighbours.

Learn more in the guide to buying a new home (in Finnish).


Choose your interior design style.

Once you intend to purchase the property and have progressed to the initial phase of construction, you will be able to choose an interior design style for you new home to suit your specific tastes. Our skilled interior designers are ready to help you weigh up your options. High-quality surfaces and Puustelli kitchens add the finishing touches to your dream home. Check out our interior design examples for inspiration!


Attend residents’ evenings and read the moving-in letter.

You can visit your new home as construction progresses at two of our residents’ evenings. We will invite you to one of these evenings when the partition walls are erected and to the next evening once the fixtures and tiling are installed. You will receive a separate invitation to a moving-in inspection as specified in the Housing Transactions Act (Asuntokauppalaki, 843/1994) before you move in.

Around a month before moving in, you will receive a moving-in letter by email containing lots of useful information about your property manager, the maintenance company, property maintenance charges, how to pay off the housing company loan, redeeming your share of the plot, transfer tax, and other practical matters relating to buying a home. It will also confirm the precise moving-in date; the day on which you will receive the keys to your new home.


Move in.

Your new home is ready, welcome to your dream city home! When you move in, everything will be ready for you, from the garden to towel hooks.

If you’d like to know more, send us an email to or contact our property agents directly.