Asunto Oy Kangasalan Velholehti


Easy everyday properties in a long-awaited new residential area

Lamminrahka is a charming new residential area to be built in Kangasala on the border of Tampere. We will be building a property site called Velholehti, comprising six sets of terraced houses and one set of semi-detached houses. The two-storey homes range in size from 69–95 m2, and all have their own sauna and storage space. The practical floor plans mean that the homes can serve a wide range of residents’ needs. The homes have clean lines with a modern appearance and colour scheme.

At Lamminrahka, nature is always nearby. The entire eastern edge of the Velholehti plot is bordered by a park area, with lush views for residents of every home to enjoy. And nature is just a stone’s throw from your own garden, as the Velholehti courtyard paths and the alleys between the rows of buildings are designed to encourage residents to go for a walk or play as easily as possible. The plot has plenty of flowerbeds and plants, with the tallest forming a border around the pleasant recreational area. The green roofs on the carports also give the area a verdant feel.


Advance marketing estimated to begin 12/2022

Estimated sales start date spring 2023

Ready for occupants in spring 2024

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Addresses: Loitsukuja 39 and 41 / Haltijankaari 65 and 67
Homes: 36
Sizes: 3–4 rm + kit + s + stor / 69–95 m2
Plot: Rented

The road to an Easyin home is simple and easy

Our experienced and professional team has everything from architects to property agents, and from site foreman to interior designer, and they all know the buying process like the backs of their hands. That’s why we’ve made the journey to the home of your dreams a simple and accessible one.

Flexibility for your new home, even without a mortgage

The sales price of an Easyin home is around 30–40% of the total price. The rest of the total price of the property is a housing company loan, which can be paid off as part of the property maintenance charges. The housing company loan is not paid off in the first two years. You can apply for a loan from our partner bank.

Our experts will help you to choose materials

We are inspired with you by the opportunity to customize your new home to suit your exact tastes! Our professional interior designers will help you to choose high-quality interior design materials and domestic appliances to give your home the exact atmosphere you want.

Easyin – your dream city home.

Easyin homes are an inspiring combination of the carefree nature of a housing corporation and the quality and tranquillity of a single-family home. The quality of the homes is guaranteed by market leader Kastelli.

Easyin is Kastelli’s service design for people looking to buy a home in a corporate form. The homes combine Kastelli’s ironclad expertise in single-family home building, good locations, and the carefree nature of housing company living with the privacy of a single-family home.

Kastelli-talot Oy is known as a trailblazer in the construction of energy-efficient homes. A market leader since 1994, Kastelli’s popularity comes from its reliability, high-quality construction and its excellent spatial solutions, which can be seen in the construction of Easyin sites. Kastelli’s operations are certified to comply with ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental standards.