Asunto Oy Espoon Vingen Ranta


Beautiful living amid coastal scenery

Our attractive new site, Asunto Oy Espoon Vingen Ranta, will be constructed on the breath-takingly beautiful Espoo coast in Soukka. It is a fantastic location – the sea and Espoo’s Rantaraitti route are just a stone’s throw away, and the newly built Soukka metro station makes travel easy. Vingen Ranta’s beautiful detached houses are stylish 4-5 room homes over two storeys with lovely, spacious floor plans, high-quality surface materials, and absolutely stunning sea views. The homes are heated with environmentally friendly ground heat with water-circulation underfloor heating.

Vingen Ranta’s homes have everything you could dream of. The homes have their own terrace and balcony, for which glazing is available. A spacious utility room and private storage area make everyday life easier. The homes come with a yard parking space and heating post, as well as a carport equipped with an EV charging station. Each home boasts fantastic sea views. An air-source heat pump cools the home on hot summer days, but you can also choose to install a fireplace to provide heat and atmosphere on cold autumn evenings.

Vingen Ranta’s homes have stylish, rendered facades to help the stone buildings blend seamlessly into Espoo’s coastal scenery. The site takes its distinguished name from the Villa Vinge building at the centre of the plot. The functionalist building was designed in the 1930s by architect Kaarlo Borg and has been restored to its original glory.


As Oy Espoon Vingen Ranta was designed by Pet Michael, SAFA architect. Vingen Ranta is a site of beautiful, moden, and spacious homes built on a unique plot. The stunning coastal scenery is visible from all of the homes, which are nestled against a steep rock face. The homes have three to four spacious bedrooms, and all have plenty of storage space, a sauna, a utility room, two parking spaces, and a covered terrace balcony. The site’s yard also has a shared play and recreation area.

Due to the large size of the plot, it was possible to build the homes to be almost square, which allows for a smart floor plan and expansive sea views. Natural light is guaranteed by floor-to-ceiling windows that face southwest-west-northwest. The homes are designed to make everyday life easier – there is plenty of storage space, the carport is directly adjacent to the exterior door, and the stairs are placed to suit each home.


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Address: Soukan Rantatie 19
Homes: 14
Sizes: 3–5rm+k+s / 118–146 m
Plot: Rent, redeemable

One interesting detail in the area is Villa Vinge. The homes are situated in natural zones nearby. All four types of building are designed to form their own whole with the terrain and terms of the location. Even the rearmost buildings have sea views that can only be described as breath-taking – on one side you have the sea, and on the other you have beautiful nature and rock. The rock provides extra noise protection and is an impressive sight.

After I’d visited the site for the first time, I began to call it the “sea fortress”. It seemed simultaneously sheltered by the rock and open towards the sea, and the old building lent an atmosphere of its own. I wanted the homes to form a harmonious whole that serves both the environment and residents.

Pet Michael
SAFA architect
Arkkitehtitoimisto Pet Michael Oy

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As Oy Espoon Vingen Ranta will be built in the Soukka area. Soukka’s location makes it a paradise for Finns; it is close to the sea, with beautiful terrain, local services and great transport connections. The residential area is extremely quiet, but more extensive services in Kivenlahti, Suomenoja and Saunalahti are close by.

The Rantaraitti route leaves almost from your front door, while boat harbours and nearby forests are just a stone’s throw away. The closest bus stop is 180m away and Soukka metro station is just 1.5 kilometres away. You can also drive the journey along Länsiväylä.

The Soukka area has everything you need – supermarkets, schools, day-care centres, swimming beaches, and a wide range of hobby and recreational opportunities. Saunalahti’s services and restaurants, Kivenlahti’s Lippulaiva shopping centre, and Suomenoja’s numerous specialist stores are very easily accessible.

Local services

Bus stop 180 m
Route 143

Soukka metro station 1.5 km

Alepa Soukka 1.2 km
K-Supermarket Soukka 1.8 km
Prisma Lippulaiva 2.5 km
K-Citymarket Iso Omena 7.4 km
Lidl Nöykkiö 9.6 km

Fitness and wellbeing
Espoon rantaraitti 50 m
Ala-Soukka workout stairs 1 km
Klobben swimming beach 1.4 km
Soukan Venekerho boat club 1.6 km
Espoonlahden uimahalli (swimming hall) 2.1 km
Fressi Espoonlahti 2.1 km
Hanikka nature trail 2.4 km
Padelton Espoo 4.6 km

Soukka health centre 1.5 km

Day-care centres
Kastevuoren päiväkoti 900 m
Soukankuja päiväkoti 1.3 km

Soukan koulu 1.4 km
Espoonlahden koulu and lukio 1.9 km

Lippulaivan kirjasto 2.5 km

Distances are indicative only

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