Asunto Oy Helsingin Muurikello


Luxurious living amid coastal scenery

The impressive Asunto Oy Helsingin Muurikello is due to be built right by the sea in a fantastic location in Jollas. The two and three-storey homes are arranged in a step formation and are a dream come true for those who appreciate high-quality living by the sea.

The characterful townhouse-style terraced homes are situated along a quiet cul-de-sac and blend in beautifully with their verdant environment. Large, full-wall windows open out towards the sea to make breath-taking views of the shore part of everyday life. Your spacious terrace and balcony, made from pergolas and vines, invite you to enjoy the luxurious serenity of nature.

Your parking space is connected to your home, either as a carport or garage; some homes have both. Your own storage space is next to the carport or garage, and provides plenty of storage space for recreational equipment, for example. The adjacent shoreline is home to a private small boat harbour, where you can lease a spot for your boat if you wish.


Asunto Oy Helsingin Muurikello was designed by SAFA architect Sami Logren. The spacious two and three-story terraced homes offer just the right balance of peaceful privacy and exceptionally open views of the gorgeous surroundings. The large windows, sometimes spanning the full width of the wall, make a maritime feel a fixture of your captivating home’s interior.

The kitchen, dining area, and living room form a single open space, and is the heart of your cosy home. The spacious bedrooms are situated on a different floor for peace and quiet. Whether you’re a master chef or more of a casual cook, you’re sure to enjoy your modern and high-quality kitchen. Quality fixtures, fittings, and integrated domestic appliances will take your cooking to a whole new level. At the end of a long day, sit on your terrace and admire how the yachts bob on the waves, or relax in your very own atmospheric sauna. Stylish materials and carefully selected lighting solutions add the finishing touches to the interior of your lovely home.

Spacious floor plans ensure that everyday life runs smoothly. In each home, the utility room is either separate or combined with the bathroom. There is plenty of storage space, and you can conveniently charge your electric car in your own garage or carport. The play area in the sheltered courtyard provides endless fun for the youngest members of the family, although adults also enjoy spending time in the courtyard, which is bordered by flowerbeds and plants.


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Address: Puuskarinne 8
Homes: 24
Sizes: 81.5–121 m2
Plot: 2/10 owned, 8/10 optional lease

What I particularly like about this site is the townhouse-style of living across multiple storeys, where the living spaces are situated to give the best possible views. Each home has both a balcony and a lovely terrace, which simultaneously provide peaceful privacy and fantastic, open views of the surrounding nature. In my view, one of the most successful features of these homes are the large windows that span the full width of the wall and look out over the sea.

Carefully considered spatial solutions make these homes suitable for a wide range of residents’ needs. There’s plenty of space in the inspiring environment for working from home or for raising a large family. If you value high-quality and want a home by the sea, you may just have found your dream city home!

Sami Logren
SAFA architect
Studio Puisto Oy

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Asunto Oy Helsingin Muurikello is located in coastal Jollas, Laajasalo, an area that is mostly home to single-family houses. The breath-taking nature of the inner archipelago with its rocky and sandy shores and lush ravines create fantastic surroundings for these beautiful homes.

The site’s materials echo the atmosphere of the surrounding nature. The stylish residential buildings are made from durable concrete, the appearance of which is softened by the living wood surfaces of the entrances, terraces, and balconies. The general look of the buildings is light and supplemented by muted colours in warm tones for an overall appearance that leaves an impression.

When you choose a beautiful As Oy Helsingin Muurikello home, you don’t need to compromise on the location of your new home, as this dream city home combines a stunning environment with great transport connections and the wide range of services available in Jollas, Laajasalo, and Herttoniemi. A school and day-care centre are within walking distance, and the Furuvik swimming beach and a small nature conservation area are just a few kilometres away.

Kruunuvuorensilta bridge is under construction and will link Laajasalo to Helsinki city centre and improve the walking, cycling, and public transport distances between Jollas and downtown Helsinki.

Local services

Bus stop 270 m
Bus routes: 85, 85B, 85N

Alepa Jollas 1.8 km
Kauppakeskus Saari 3.9 km
S-Market Laajasalo 3.8 km
K-Market Kruunuvuorenranta 5.6 km
K-Supermarket Hertta 6.4 km
Kauppakeskus Itis 8.3 km

Fitness and wellbeing
Port Jollas 20 m
Itäniityn laakso nature conservation area 2 km
Porvariskuningas beach 2.3 km
Furuvik beach 1.2 km
Laajasalo tennis courts 3.3 km
Laajasalo fitness park 3.3 km
Hevossalmi football field 3.3 km
Laajasalo golf course 3.5 km
Fitness24Seven 3.9 km

Laajasalo health centre 4.1 km
Herttoniemi hospital 8 km

Day-care centres
Päiväkoti Puuskakulma 1.1 km
Päiväkoti Jollas 1.8 km
Luomupäiväkoti Kirsikka Laajasalo 3.2 km

Poikkilaakson ala-asteen koulu 700 m
Laajasalon peruskoulu 4 km
Herttoniemenrannan ala-aste 5.9 km
Herttoniemen yhteiskoulu 7.5 km

Laajasalon kirjasto 4 km

Distances are indicative only

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