5H​+KT​+S​+VAR​+autokatospaikka ja tekninen tila


Surface area
Meriviitantie 14
Sales price
165 132 €
Free-of-debt price
549 900 €

Basic property information

Property No. E10
Rooms 5H​+KT​+S​+VAR​+autokatospaikka ja tekninen tila
Status Available
Surface area 125.5m2
Address Meriviitantie 14
Sales price 165 132 €
Lainaosuus 384 768 €
Free-of-debt price 549 900 €
Est. maintenance charges 589,85 € per month
Est. financing fee,
interest only
0,00 € per month
Est. financing fee,
interest and installment
2 764,80 € per month
Est. plot leasehold 640,05 € per month
Est. plot redemption fee 186 455,35 €
Plot ownership Rented
Other fees Vastikkeita peritään yhtiökokouksessa 3.6.2024 tehdyn päätöksen mukaisesti. Yhtiölainassa on 1. lyhennys 31.12.2024, laina-aika päättyy 31.12.2047. Tonttiosuuden lunastushinta-arvio on tarkistettu huhtikuun 2024 indeksiluvulla eikä siinä ole huomioitu tulevia korotuksia. Osakkaan maksettavaksi tulevat lunastushinnan lisäksi varainsiirtoveron osuus 3% sekä lunastuskulut. Lunastus on mahdollista seuraavan kerran 6/2025. Lisätietoja saat myyjältä. Pääomavastiketta peritään, jos et maksa pois huoneistokohtaista osuutta taloyhtiölainasta.

How to reserve a new Easyin home

Reserve online

You can easily reserve a new Easyin home by using the form on the property’s page. After you’ve made a reservation, our agent will contact you and agree with you on the next steps and on a date for completing the sale.

Join queue

If your preferred property is no longer available, we recommend that you join the queue using the form. If a reservation is cancelled, we will offer the property to the next person in the queue.

Read our guide to buying a new home

We also recommend that you read Rakennusteollisuus RT ry’s guide (in Finnish), which focuses on issues related to buying a new home. The guide contains important information about buying a new home, completing the sale, and the initial period after moving in.

Ask for more information!

If you’d like to ask us for more detailed information, you can send us an email to easyinmyynti@kastelli.fi


You can use this form to reserve this property/join the reservation queue for this property. Please read the terms of the reservation agreement carefully before you submit the form.

Terms of the reservation agreement

  1. After a reservation is made, our property agent will contact the person who made the reservation to confirm it and to agree on the next steps.
  2. The reservation will be valid for an agreed or separately announced period.
  3. The property’s homes will be sold to people who have made reservations in the order that the reservations were made. The customer who made the first reservation is entitled to first refusal on purchasing the home, etc.
  4. Property reservations can be made online on our website or by notifying our property agents of your wish to make a reservation by calling or emailing us.
  5. Reservation information will be registered in our system.
  6. The customer has the right to cancel their reservation at any time by notifying one of our property agents by email or phone.
  7. The seller has the right to cancel the reservation if construction of the site does not begin, or if the customer does not want to complete the sale within the agreed time.
  8. A reservation placed via our website is not binding on the consumer or the construction company in any way and is preliminary in nature. Details of the property sale will always be agreed separately with a property agent in person.
  9. The agent will notify the customer when construction work on the site begins. The seller will announce when the safekeeping documents as specified in the Housing Transactions Act (Asuntokauppalaki, 843/1994) have been placed in safekeeping and the sale of the site has begun.
  10. The final terms and content of the sale will be determined in the deed of sale and purchase and its appendices.

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