Asunto Oy Helsingin Valkotähkä


Sleek homes for people who enjoy an active lifestyle

In an area dominated by greenery and single-family homes in Torpparinmäki, Helsinki, As Oy Helsingin Valkotähkä charms residents with its warm-hearted harmony. The sleek site features three sets of semi-detached homes and one set of three terraced houses, with the design premise being the homes’ overall functionality and smooth everyday living.  The space in the open-plan two-storey homes has been skilfully used, and the pleasant yard areas with terraces bring joy to every day. All of the properties have their own storage space.

Valkotähkä is a dream come true for people who are active and have lots of hobbies. Torpparinmäki is a pleasant and peaceful neighbourhood in northern Helsinki. The fantastic transport connections and a wide range of local services make everyday life here easy and carefree. The area is home to a wide range of outdoor and exercise opportunities, as well as a school and a day-care centre.


As Oy Helsingin Valkotähkä was designed by SAFA architect Eevamaria Timlin. The two-storey homes with their refreshing and light colour scheme blend wonderfully into the green environment amid the neighbouring plots’ buildings of various ages.

Valkotähkä’s homes combine sleek architecture, easy furnishing and a cosy, home-like feel in a captivating way. The large glass surfaces open up the space and let fantastic natural light flood into the kitchen, dining and living areas, which open out onto a large, secluded yard and terrace. The high ceilings in the living room in the semi-detached houses make the homes feel even more open and spacious. The bedrooms are located upstairs, and have either a walk-in wardrobe or plenty of cupboard space, depending on the property. Depending on the residents’ needs and wishes, there is also space in the homes for an office or hobby room.

The location of the buildings, the sheltered walls towards neighbours at the entrances and the beautiful plants add peace and privacy to the yards. Paths are bordered by charming fences and verdant flowerbeds.

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Address: Sihteerintie 6
Homes: 9
Sizes: 71,5–100 m²
Plot: Rent, redemption

Valkotähkä’s single-family homes are very sleek and timeless. A certain kind of practicality can be seen in the properties’ layouts and in the outer appearance of the buildings. Functionality and smooth everyday living were the basis for all of my design. All of the solutions down to the smallest detail strive to make it easy, enjoyable, and pleasant to live here.

Eevamaria Timlin
SAFA architect
arkTimlin Oy

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As Oy Helsingin Valkotähkä will be built in Torpparinmäki, a neighbourhood rich in tradition. Torpparinmäki is a green and peaceful area in northern Helsinki, just 12 kilometres from the city centre. The residential area takes its name from the crofters in Tuomarinkylä and is a safe and pleasant place to live, dominated by single-family homes. Its meandering roads and characterful buildings make the area idyllic and atmospheric.

As Oy Helsingin Valkotähkä is located along excellent transport connections. The closest bus stop is right next to the site, and it’s easy to commute to work or further away for leisure along the nearby Tuusulanväylä road. Local services make Torpparinmäki a convenient place to live. A school, a day-care centre, a youth centre, a health centre and a library are just a short journey away.

The outdoor opportunities in the area are wonderfully varied. Haltiala, part of Helsinki Central Park, offers fields, old-growth forests and a pet park for great possibilities to relax. The outdoor routes and Paloheinä ulkoilumaja café as well as a golf course are close by, as is an outdoor gym, ice rink, and artificial turf. There are several riding stables in the area of Tuomarinkartano to the south of the adjacent Tuusulanväylä road.

Local services

Bus stops 120 m and 210 m
Bus routes: 614, 615, 616, 617, 623, 623K, 633, 633N, 643, 643K, 643N, 665N, 67, 67N

K-Supermarket Torpparinmäki 160 m
S-Market Torpparinmäki 400 m
Alepa Tuomarinkylä 900 m
Kauppakeskus Jumbo 4.5 km
Kauppakeskus Kaari 4.8 km

Fitness and wellbeing
Paloheinä Golf 1.3 km
Tapaninvainio beach 1.9 km
Paloheinä outdoor gym 2.0 km
Paloheinä ice rink 2.1 km
Paloheinä artificial turf field 2.3 km
Pakilan Kuntokeskus Salus fitness centre 3.0 km
Fit Tammisto Kuntokeskus fitness centre 3.2 km

Paloheinä health centre 1.2 km
Malmi hospital 3.3 km
Suursuo hospital 3.5 km

Day-care centres
Päiväkoti Torpparinmäki 1.2 km
Päiväkoti Miilu 1.2 km
Päiväkoti Kytöniitty 1.5 km

Torpparinmäen koulu 950 m
Paloheinän ala-aste 1.5 km
Metsolan koulu 1.5 km
Pakilan koulu 2.2 km

Paloheinä library 1.2 km

Distances are indicative only

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